Core React Concepts

  • Variables, objects, arrays, functions, and classes.
  • Common array methods such as .map(), .filter(), .reduce()
  • ES6 features such as arrow function, let, const. Learn about ‘this’ keyword, call, apply, and bind method.
  • Concepts of Asynchronous JavaScript such as promises, callback, Async/Await.
  • Learn how DOM (document object model) works. How to create, select, and update the HTML elements and their attributes.
  • You will be using JSX syntax in ReactJS. Syntax of JSX is somewhere similar to HTML but keep in mind that it is different from plain HTML.
  • Learn to render the JSX elements. Show and hide elements depending on the conditions.
  • Learn the concept of State in ReactJS? How does it work? Basically, the state holds the synchronous variable, and changing the value of the state will be reflected in the whole application wherever it is used. Learn how to store and update the data in State.
  • In React, you will be using props. We know that this might be a new word for you. Basically, props are just like the arguments passed to the function or method. Know when to use it and how to use it. You will be using props as an input argument to the HTML tags.
  • Functional component, class component, and the difference between both of these.
  • Just like in JavaScript, you will handle events in React. Learn how to handle some common events such as onClick, onChange, and onSubmit
  • Simple todo-app
  • Simple calculator app
  • Build a shopping cart
  • How to use <Route />, <Switch /> and <BrowserRouter /> components.
  • How to do navigation using the <Link />component and using the useHistory() hook.
  • Creating dynamic routes using the path prop i.e. <Route path=”/posts/:post-slug” component={Post} /> and getting the path values using the useParams() hook.
  • How <Redirect /> works in React Router
  • useState: Most of the time in your React app you will be using this concept to store and manage the data.
  • useEffect: You will be using this concept in actions like HTTP requests and working with the Browser API.
  • useRef: This will be used to reference JSX elements.
  • useContext: This property of React Hooks will be used to access data from React Context to share data among components easily (instead of passing props)
  • useReducer: This concept in React hooks will be used to store and manage data across multiple components



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